Accreditations for study programs

Accreditations for study programs

The Wroclaw University of Economics and Business places great importance on accreditations of study programs, recognizing their significance in ensuring the quality and credibility of its educational programs.

These actions are part of the new strategy of the WUEB, which considers internationalization as a key action permeating all areas of operation. Furthermore, they reflect the plan for the internationalization development of the WUEB.

Accreditation of study programs brings numerous benefits both for universities and students. For universities, it serves as a validation of the high quality of the offered programs, potentially enhancing their reputation and prestige. Accreditation also provides universities with the opportunity to monitor and improve their programs based on guidelines and standards set by accrediting bodies. For students, accreditation ensures that they are choosing a study program that meets established educational standards and adequately prepares them for the demands of the job market. Additionally, graduates of accredited programs may enjoy greater recognition by employers and have easier access to professional development opportunities.

Many study programs at the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business have international program accreditations: EFMD, AMBA, CIMA, ACCA, and CFA.

AMBA (The Association of MBAs)

The Executive MBA Programme run by the WUEB was awarded the AMBA Accreditation Certificate in September 2019. This is the oldest and most prestigious international accreditation granted by The Association of MBA’s. The AMBA accreditation represents a global standard for all the MBA, DBA and MA programmes. Currently, the Association awards accreditation merely to 2% of business schools in over 70 countries. The AMBA accreditation is awarded only to the best international programmes, and means the highest and most rigorous standard of achievements in post-graduate education.

In 2022, the Executive MBA programme conducted at the WUEB was awarded the AMBA accreditation for another five years. This is the longest possible period for which it can be granted, which also implies its great success and confirms the high level of the programme conducted at our University.

EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development)

EFMD is a renowned international organisation which, according to data from July 2023, has 977 members (from 90 countries), active in the fields of higher education, business, public administration and consulting. This institution, valued throughout the world, grants accreditation to business schools, programmes of business schools and corporation universities.

The EFMD Programme Accreditation covers all the aspects of the realisation of the programme: from the institutional environment, both domestic and international, its design, realisation, results and impact, to the processes of ensuring the quality. The EFMD accreditation stresses the importance of academic discipline, practicalities of the internalisation process, ethics and sustainable growth.

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business has been a member of EFMD since 2013. The Faculty of Finance at the WUEB was first granted accreditation in 2015 and 2018, and in 2021 again received the prestigious EFMD Global Programme Accreditation (previously EPAS) for both degree courses, i.e. BA and MA, respectively for another three and five years. It is now the only Faculty of Finance in Poland enjoying a triple accreditation: EFMD, ACCA and CFA.

In 2022 the EFMD Global accreditation was granted to a third degree course run at the WUEB – International Business (IB).

CIMA (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)

CIMA is a leading, as well as the world’s largest organisation of specialists in management accounting, established in 1919. Currently it numbers over 696 000 members – students and professionals – in 192 countries. The obtained CIMA accreditation enables students to receive the prestigious certificate and also allows them to use the title of CIMA Cert BA/Dip MA.

In terms of accreditation, CIMA cooperates with the best universities of economics around the world, and initiated collaboration with eight such institutions in Poland, while Wroclaw University of Economics and Business was the first Polish university to join this organisation.

At present, the CIMA accreditation has been granted to the following WUEB degree courses: Accounting and Controlling (BA and MA), Business Accounting (Cert. BA) (postraduate diploma) and Management Accounting (Dipl. MA) (post-graduate studies).

In 2013, the agreement was signed allowing students of Finance and Accounting to study a new specialisation of the UE & CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting.

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

ACCA was established on 30 November 1904, and is the largest and fastest growing international organisation uniting finance and accounting specialists, offering the globally recognised certificates for professionals wishing to develop their career in the fields of accounting, finance and management.

In Poland there are 18 universities with the ACCA accreditation, covering 49 degree courses. Wroclaw University of Economics and Business obtained the ACCA accreditation for the following seven: Finance and Accounting (BA and MA degree courses, and post-graduate studies), Finance (BA and MA degree courses in English), and also Accounting and Controlling (BA and MA degree courses). Recently, the reaccreditation was granted to the Faculty of Finance and Accounting – for both BA and MA studies.

CFA Institute (Chartered Financial Analyst)

The CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute is a globally renowned organisation uniting finance specialists, which awards the prestigious certificate of Chartered Financial Analyst. The main purpose of the organisation is to indicate directions of development for professionals in finance worldwide – by setting the highest standards in ethics, education and professional qualifications.

Owing to the partnership with the CFA institute, the Programme of Bachelor and Master in Finance achieved the certificate standards for such programmes. This provides students with the possibility of graduating and passing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam at the same time. Moreover, the participants in the Programme are eligible for a scholarship to cover the cost of the exam.

The possibility of receiving this prestigious certificate during their studies places the WUEB graduates in a favourable position when commencing employment in the financial sector, and speeds up their professional career. WUEB is the only partner of the CFA Institute in Central Europe.


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