Wroclaw Global Talks

Wroclaw Global Talks

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business is pleased to announce a new project, “Wroclaw Global Talks”, which aligns with the Strategy 2030 and the Internationalization Development Plan of the WUEB – two key documents that set the direction for the development of our university.

The project aims to:

  1. Strengthen the position and recognition of the WUEB in the international market.
  2. Create a platform for showcasing good practices and expertise from the leading academic institutions experts at both national and international forums.

The project meetings will take the form of seminars and/or webinars, during which experts from the international academic institutions will engage in discussions with invited representatives from business, academia, politics, diplomacy, and non-governmental organizations. Experts may invite specific guests or suggest areas for guest invitations.

We are seeking experts in areas that have a significant and current impact on the international market. Some example discussion topics include megatrends, geopolitical environment, sustainable development, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, international migration, mental health, future skills, and the development of artificial intelligence. The catalogue is open.

Let’s address important, challenging topics that showcase our advantage!


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