Institutional accreditations

Institutional accreditations

The Wroclaw University of Economics and Business consistently implements strategic actions in the field of internationalization through acquiring international institutional accreditations. These actions are part of the new strategy of the WUEB, which considers internationalization as a key action permeating all areas of operation. Furthermore, they reflect the plan for the internationalization development of the WUEB.

Currently, three processes of international institutional accreditations are being implemented under the supervision of the International Cooperation Center: the accreditation processes of CEEMAN, EUA, and AACSB, with the first two being reaccreditation processes.

CEEMAN – reaccreditation

CEEMAN is an international association involved in the development of management in Central and Eastern Europe, which by granting the institutional accreditation CEEMAN IQA emphasises the high quality of standards, the importance of institutional activity in response to the developmental needs of university stakeholders, and the need to implement innovation. This accreditation evaluates seven areas of university activities, namely strategy and objectives, management and structure, creation of knowledge (research), transfer of knowledge (education), resources, continuous education/innovativeness, and commitment to responsible practices. Each of these areas is assessed from three different perspectives:

  • compliance with the mission, vision and institutional values, and the impact of informal institutional culture on their achievement,
  • the degree in which a given area meets the internationally acknowledged standards of quality,
  • the way in which a given area responds to the specific needs of the environment in which an institution operates, and is adapted to them.

In 2017 Wroclaw University of Economics and Business was awarded the CEEMAN IQA accreditation for six years, and currently preparations are underway for the reaccreditation process.

EUA IEP – reaccreditation

EUA (European University Association) is an organisation uniting European higher education institutions conducting research and didactic activities, as well as national associations of university rectors, and other organisations involved in science and tertiary education. EUA offers the Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) as an independent service for its members, supporting them in the development of strategic management and inhouse culture of quality. Membership in this organisation – owing to the participation in joint projects and events involving numerous higher-education institutions – provides the University with the possibility to share with other EUA members its expertise in tertiary education, research results and best practices.

It should be emphasised that in 2019, the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business became the first university of economics in Poland to pass the EUA IEP evaluation procedure.

On August 18, 2023, the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business received information about the successful completion of the reaccreditation process. The WUEB has the right to use the IEP logo for the next 5 years.

AACSB – the accreditation process is ongoing

AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) is the oldest (founded in 1916) and most prestigious international organisation uniting educational institutions, representatives of the business sector and groups involved in the development of business education. Currently, AACSB numbers over 1850 member organisations in 100 countries.

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business has been a member of AACSB since 2017, and currently is undergoing the process of obtaining its institutional accreditation.


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