Memberships in international organizations

Memberships in international organizations

Active engagement in the processes of globalization of science and education is becoming increasingly crucial for universities and higher education institutions worldwide. In the era of globalization, the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and best practices among countries and cultures is becoming the norm, and universities that actively participate in these processes reap many benefits.

Membership of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business in international organizations brings numerous benefits both to the university itself and to its students and staff. Firstly, participation in such organizations enables active involvement in international scholarly dialogue. This opens doors to the exchange of thoughts, experiences, and best practices with other universities worldwide. As a result, the university can enrich its educational programs and broaden the spectrum of scientific interests of its staff, contributing to the improvement of both the quality of education and the level of conducted scientific research.

Secondly, membership in international organizations provides students with access to unique opportunities. Students can participate in international exchange programs, internships abroad, and scientific conferences. This not only broadens their cultural horizons but also helps in building international networks, which can be extremely valuable in their future careers.

The Wroclaw University of Economics and Business is an active member of the following international institutions: AACSB, CEEMAN, EUA, PRME, AMBA, EFMD, and Santander Universities (membership in the program).


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