Success of our researchers from the Department of International Business

We are pleased to announce that the scientific monograph titled ‘Regional Cooperation and Resilience in East Asia’ has just been released in open access (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) by Routledge. The authors include researchers from the Department of International Business at the WUEB.

The monograph explores regional resilience through the lens of institutionalization of cooperation among East Asian countries in the face of shocks and disruptions, serving as a remedy for developmental challenges in times of ongoing uncertainty and instability.

The authors of the publication are:

  • Professor Sebastian Bobowski, WUEB – leader of the research team, scientific editor
  • Professor Bogusława Drelich-Skulska, WUEB
  • Professor Krzysztof Falkowski, SGH Warsaw School of Economics
  • Professor Andżelika Kuźnar, SGH Warsaw School of Economics
  • Professor Jerzy Menkes, SGH Warsaw School of Economics

The foreword to the monograph was prepared by Professor Keisuke Mark Abe and Professor Yoshiaki Sato from Seikei University (Tokyo, Japan).

A critical analysis of a wide range of issues accompanies the review of initiatives for regional, transregional, and subregional cooperation aimed at building regional resilience. These issues include international security, international trade, economic development, value chains, and social welfare. Embracing the concept of resilience has allowed for a holistic, dynamic, and systematic approach to researching processes of institutionalization, strengthening responsiveness, and adaptive potential of East Asian countries.

The monograph represents the culmination of research conducted by the mentioned authors between 2022 and 2023 as part of the inter-university grant SGH – UEW “Quo Vadis, Asia? Development Challenges of East Asia in the 21st Century”. The publication was financed by both universities.

We invite you to read it! The monograph is available at this address.


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